Left click on the [DOWNLOAD] tab to only hear the files. Right click to download them. The files are various quality MP3. This is just a small sample. If you are interested in more music or any professional collaboration,  please contact me. A high quality demo CD is available on request.


GALACTIC FEDERATIONS, SF action game soundtrack [LINK]

1. Federations Main Theme, 1:38 (1.5MB)  [DOWNLOAD]

2. Anticipation, 2:02 (1MB) [DOWNLOAD]

3. War Drums, 2:05 (2MB) [DOWNLOAD]

EKARAD, RPG soundtrack

4. Ekarad Main Theme,  5:09 (2.5MB) [DOWNLOAD]

ASCENSION, instrumental collection

5. The Pleasuredome, 4:14 (4MB) [DOWNLOAD]

6.  Rain, 3:57 (3.7MB)      [DOWNLOAD]

7. A Love Theme, 2:24 (2.5MB) [DOWNLOAD]

8. Pondering and Finale, 4:43 (4.5MB) [DOWNLOAD]

ARBITRARY, instrumental collection

9. Sneeking Around, 1:55  (1.6 MB) [DOWNLOAD]

10. Motion, 1:55 (1.8 MB)  [DOWNLOAD]

11. Arbitrary, 4:39 (4.3MB) [DOWNLOAD]

12. Grotesque  (2.9MB) [DOWNLOAD]

13. Suffering (2.9MB) [DOWNLOAD]

14. Wandering (2.9MB) [DOWNLOAD]


15. Wubby, 3D animated cartoon sountrack, 3:24 (19MB, med quality, long!)  [DOWNLOAD CLIP]

16. Ben Hur, silent film composing competition clip, 1:32 (44.1 MB  HQ long!) [DOWNLOAD CLIP]